SRO 1864(I)/2022 DATED 10-10-2022

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The new mandadtory requirements for outgoing international passengers include filing a declaration at the airport of departure regarding the amount of foreign currency possessed by him or her. Likewise, all incoming international passengers are bound to declare to Customs authorities foreign currency in excess of US$ 10,000.

In the light of the new amendments to the Customs Baggage Rules, an outbound international passenger is now required to file a declaration to Customs, either electronically or in person, before or on departure at the airport. This obligation applies to passengers of all ages, alongwith their legal entitlement to carry foreign currency in accordance with their entitlement, i.e.,

  • US $ 1,000 upto the age of 5 years, or
  • US $ 5,000 for passengers above 5 years, or 
  • US $ 10,000 US S for pasengers upto 18 years and above

The persons travelling to Afghanistan with the legal entitlement to carry US $1,000 shall file a declaration of currency in their possession, in the Form titled Appendix-C.

All incoming passengers who possess foreign currency in excess of US $ 10,000 or equivalent shall also file a declaration to Customs.

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