Our Story

Our story

Conventionally legal; legally modern

The team & vision

LawPoint seeks to change the current national legal publishing environment, which is nothing but archaic and asynchronous with the present times. Over-reliance on printed output, marred by the well-known pitfalls of non-updation of legal content in sync with legal amendments, and the irreversibility of errors in black and white, has kept the users attuned to the fait accompli of a single publishing format, which is formulaic and insipid. The scenario is compounded by the unmistakable non-existence of professional indexing of the legal content at the very basic level, a commonplace norm elsewhere, for quick contextual navigation and legal discovery in lesser time. The non-digitization of the legal resources has meant that their availability in updated form would always remain subservient to the caprices or commercial choices of their publishers.

 In its modest yet earnest endeavor to bring out its model of digital publications or “modules”, as we call them, LawPoint goes beyond mere digitization of legal content (e-ink on web white space) by analyzing occurrence of almost every word in it through artificial intelligence tools to discover its contextual correlations, and to quick-bind their searchable listing with quick content navigation. Our search engine has the capability to assimilate searches and display the most pertinent result by way of a featured search result, over and above others in cascading relevance algorithm. We are striving further to introduce faceted search results, i.e., separate for statute, secondary legislation, and tertiary legal resources, all on one page in segregated blocks. All these features come atop the provision of up-to-date legal content close to real time than in elapsed time, which is possible only in the digital mode. We do not make a case against printed literature; we only make a case for digital legal resources to keep abreast of the times.

 We have chosen to launch forth with fiscal and financial laws, which are more susceptible to legal amendments in shorter spans of time, compared to other disciplines, to demonstrate LawPoint’s true practical worth. By completing the round with the Customs laws, comprising a block of six modules, we will address federal and provincial sales tax, in tandem with corporate and intellectual property rights laws. Statute-wise, indexed, and multi-faceted search-enabled case law compendiums are also on the digital design board. Our simultaneous upcoming technology venture is digital rights protected desktop versions of online modules, which would protect against piracy and ensure fair reward for our platform and its professional authors.

 LawPoint is a growing platform like any other aspiring start-up. We have invested countless hours and significant resources in bringing it upto its inception. We seek support and indulgence from our prospective clients in changing the way law is published and disseminated in the country. In so doing, we are inspired by our motto: “conventionally legal; legally modern”.

 LawPoint Team comprises legal experts, financial and business analysts, and in-house and off-shore IT experts, headed by a Pakistani IT entrepreneur.



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