Convert PDFs into Interactive HTML5 Websites

We transform your textbooks or legal publications into AI-powered dynamic websites

Madcap Flare


We use multiple macros to clean up poorly formatted texts and similar output obtained from Pdf-to-Word conversion processes

Transform your documents into dynamic digital formats with our specialized services. We convert text from MS Word or PDF files into interactive websites or e-books, regardless of the number of pages or tables. Enhance your content with automated drop-downs, text blocks, pop-ups, and more, along with professionally crafted indices and comprehensive glossaries. Leverage MadCap Flare's advanced tripane content management system for a seamless and optimized online experience.


Madcap Flare Templates

Contents Index Glossary - all in your website



Professionsal Services

Text Clean-Up

We use macros to clean up poorly formatted text, and streamline outputs obtained from OCR or similar other processes.

Keywords Index

We provide a keyword index-building service. This involves creating an alphabetical list of keywords extracted from your text through AI.

Text Formatting

We transform clean text into formatted text by applying uniform font and styles. This enhances its visual appeal, and enables its further re-use.


We import your text into Madcap Flare templates using special tools, and enhance your text with in-context hot-spots, pop-ups, and expanding blocks.


Our proofreading process involves checking for spelling, and punctuation errors, as well as ensuring consistency in style and formatting.

Content Updation

We manage your Madcap Flare websites, based on your textual updations, additions or revisions to keep your content always up-to-date.

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